'People want you to be happy!

Don't keep serving them your pain'

- Rumi

Sylvia Stuck


Yoga instructor for spinal health and well-being

Sylvia Stuck came from a dancing- modeling background and started studying Yoga on regular basis in 2006. Impressed by how yoga connects physical and mental wellbeing through experiencing the calming and supporting benefits of movement and breath, she started transcending the practice off the mat into her daily life routines.


Her teaching method offers gentle support, which enables her students to experience their yoga journey in a safe manner.


Her first basic international teachers training was Vinyasa-Yoga (Yoga South, Boca Raton) 2010 followed by yin-yoga (Semperviva Yoga College, Vancouver), Aerial-Yoga (Dana Aerial Yoga Institute Hamburg) and Spine Yoga (WoYo-Club Munich).

One of her favorite experiences during her time off was teaching Yoga for PTSD Veterans (connected warriors) in the USA.

Currently Sylvia is studying at the Iyengar Yoga Akademy Cologne to improve her knowledge of Yoga, Health, Ayurveda and Philosophy in authentic tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar.


Currently Sylvia is teaching classes, workshops and teacher trainings at several international yoga studios in Germany and the USA.


She also schedules private yoga sessions for individual practitioners and celebrities.


Several TV productions of ORF Austrian broadcast sports channel were taken from 2013 - 2018 and are still represented in the column “Yoga for Golfer”.

Further projects include video productions (2017-2019) for health care centers of physiotherapy in New Delhi India,  directed by the German Orthopedist Dr. Gerd Mueller.

She also taught yoga to physiotherapists to combine the aspects of physiotherapy and yoga.

To improve her knowledge of Yoga, Health, Ayurveda and Philosophy in the authentic tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar, she studied from 2018 -2020 at the Iyengar Yoga Academy Cologne.




Yoga has its positive effects to so many issues that we are carrying along in our life – it helps to balance our physical and mental conditions


Substantial research has been proved the health benefits of Yoga - from the Yoga Postures (Asanas), Yoga Breathing (Pranayama), and Meditation (Dhyana).


Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open


B.K.S. Iyengar

My intention is to offer gentle support to let my students experience their yoga journey in a safe way.

Enjoy your practice !


vinyasa yoga


active yoga style - yoga asanas

from traditional hatha and ashtanga

yoga - here we are synchronising

movement with breath.

aerial yoga


freely lengthen the spine, create space

in the joints, increase range of motion

and strengthen against gravity.


Upcoming Workshops & Events

2 Stunden Aerial Yoga von und mit Sylvia yogAveo

Hier praktizieren wir traditionelle Yoga Asanas schwerelos im Tuch.


Sonnengruss, Vinyasa Flow,und passive Entspannungsphasen fuer body and mind




Mobilisierung und Entlastung der Wirbelsäule


Bessere Durchblutung und Anregung der Funktion des gesamten Organismus durch


Stretching und Bewegung im Fluss des Atems


Stressreduktion und Entspannung durch schwerelose Umkehrhaltungen


Sonntag, 9. October 2022 (AUSGEBUCHT) 14 bis 16 Uhr


Es gibt einen Zusatztermin:

Samstag d. 08.Oktober ‘22 von 14:00 Uhr bis 16:00 Uhr


Alle Level (Yoga Kenntnisse sind von Vorteil)

Anmeldung unter www.yoga-atelier-bonn.de

Kurs 33 Euro



200 h Teacher Training offered by the vinyasapeople.com

Includes a Starter-package of introduction into Yin Yoga Level 1

Sept.23.2022 - Sept.25.2022


This Yin Basic Teacher Training module is part of the 200hrs TT of Katy Scherer

Sylvia is going to be present as a guest teacher for providing 3 full days of Level 1 Yin Yoga Asanas, Anatomy and Philosophy.


Reserve your spot at : thevinyasapeople.com




Yin Yoga Training (Level 2)


Freitag, 30. September 2022 9:00Uhr -

Sonntag, 2 October 2022 17:30Uhr

In diesem Yin Yoga Training (25 UE) lernst du neben neuen Yin Asanas und Asanas aus Level 1, den Schwierigkeitsgrad um 1-3 Schritte zu erhöhen. Somit kannst du deine eigene Praxis intensivieren und ebenso fortgeschrittene Teilnehmer deines Unterrichts verantwortungsbewusst in einen tieferen Yin Status führen.


Yin Yoga Einheiten, welche am Boden mit Hilfe der Wand praktiziert werden, können durch diese 2 Komponenten in ihren passiven Elementen unterstützt und intensiviert werden. Das Dehnen und Stimulieren der Faszien, Gelenke und Meridiane wird hier durch erweiterte Übungsvarianten vertieft. Besonders im Vordergrund stehen: Anwendung der Yoga Hilfsmittel und Modifikationen zur guten und vor allem sicheren Ausrichtung aller Yin Yoga Asanas mit den dazugehörigen Ausgleichshaltungen, um auch physiologisch heilende Aspekte mit einzubeziehen.


Ein Arbeitsmanual mit zahlreichen Abbildungen wird zur Erweiterung der Unterrichtseinheiten ausgehändigt und ist im Preis enthalten.


Sylvia Stuck lebt in USA und Deutschland. Sie ist durch ihre langjährige Erfahrung als Yoga Instruktor international anerkannt. http://www.yogAveo.com

30. September - 2. Oktober 2022



Early Bird bis 15. Juli 2022: 315.00€

Regulär ab 16. Juli 2022: 360.00€




The Vinyasa People Yoga Studio

Kaiserstraße 1a・3.OG・53113 Bonn




Coming Soon :


Das Yin TT Datum  in Rockland wird bald bekanntgegeben  (happens End of October, date will be announced soon)




Yin Yoga Teacher Training

25h (25 TU) Level 2


Welcome to the next Chapter of your Yoga journey.


This training will offer you an opportunity to experience and understand the teaching of Yin Yoga on a deeper level for more advanced practitioners.


Numerous variations of level one postures lead into new Asanas and their Counter poses.


Using Yoga props and learning on sequencing floor sessions at the wall will give you a deeper perspective of how to increase these levels step by step.


Create a sense of responsibility for guiding your participants through the practice in a safe manner by understanding how to stretch the facia, stress the joints, stimulate the meridians and get into physiological healing aspects.  Holding the postures for a time helps to get into a meditative status for supporting the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of wellbeing.


A Yoga working Manual with plenty of illustrations of the Asanas, Anatomy, and Texts will be provided and is included in the price.

As a participant of that 25TU Yin Yoga TT, Level 2 you’ll receive a certificate that entitles you to teach Yin Yoga as soon as basic Yoga training has been completed successfully.


The cost is $410 and this includes daily practice, lunch, coffee, tea, and a light snack.


Please contact Leslie @earthrockland@gmail.com or call 603-828-4956 or book online @ www.earthrockland.com Space is limited! You will be asked to provide your own props. The studio has a limited supply of props. There will be a daily practice for 1 1/2 hours.


Vaccinated students only will be allowed to take the course.






yin yoga


gentle, easy and healing - it's more

a passive yoga style. we are activating body meridians and reaching into deepest connective tissues and fascia.

spine yoga


practicing and modifying traditional

yoga asanas. learn how to protect

your back individually and alleviate

spine issues.

my certifications / tt's:

RYT vinyasa/ashtanga tt at yoga south, florida with james kigar & judy weaver - yin yoga tt vancouver/canada with bernie clark - aerial yoga tt danya aerial yoga hamburg/germany with d.meggers - spine yoga tt woyo munich/germany with w.miessner ptsd yoga tt connected warriors, fflorida/usa -judy weaver -  iyengar yoga academy

currently 2nd year in tt.


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individual single- and small group sessions

and retreats available on request





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